Modifications of Divorce in Colorado

Let’s say your divorce has been final now for a year but you really need to modify the decree. Is this possible? When you went to court for your divorce, the judge created the orders based on the facts at the time of the divorce. If these facts change, then it is possible to ask for the orders to be modified because of these new conditions. It is possible for the two parties to come to an out of court understanding regarding such issues as child support, alimony, and child custody, but you should remember, that doing it this way could be dangerous. If, at a later date, the other partner files in court, any unpaid amount that was ordered by the judge, is still legally binding and the other party can still be held liable for payment of these amounts. An experienced attorney is very important when it comes to changing the terms of child support, alimony and/or child custody. Often times an experienced attorney is invaluable.

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