Strangest Divorce Laws in America

The laws that govern a divorce vary from State to State, and sometimes city to city. Fortunately, none of the below laws apply in Colorado, nevertheless they are surprising, and will likely cause you to scratch your head, or make you chuckle.

Alienation of Affection:

In New Mexico and Mississippi you can bring a case against you're Ex's lover called "alienation of affection." If you can prove to the court that a third party is held responsible for the failure of your marriage then you can sue your ex's lover for damages.

Ban on Remarriage:

In Kentucky it is illegal to remarry the same person 4 times. However, there is no ban on 3 times…

Mother-in-law Mistreatment:

In the city of Wichita, Kansas women cannot use the mistreatment of their Mother as grounds for divorce.

Attempt on your spouse's life:

In Tennessee if you make an attempt on your spouse's life "by poison or any other means showing malice," that is grounds for a divorce.

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