Struggles Affording Christmas?

It's that time of year where our bank accounts plummet and our debt inflates. But it certainly doesn't have to be this way. Most people think that Christmas is about buying tons and tons of expensive gifts for one another to show their "love". While buying gifts for someone is very nice, you certainly don't have to completely drain your bank account. Your new year should not start with "how am I going to pay all of this back?"

Instead what you probably had not thought of was "how can I pay this forward?" You might be wondering what on Earth I mean by that. But it means literally what it says. One of my good friends and I were having a conversation one day about Christmas and gifting. She told me that her family does not buy gifts for each other. Instead they donate money to charities of each person's choosing. I thought to myself, that is absolutely crazy. But then I thought some more and thought….what a wonderful idea!

If you are looking for a change this holiday season and a great way to connect with your family, do things a little differently! Donate to charities, give care packages to the homeless, volunteer at a shelter. If you love animals the same applies. Not only will you feel great about what you're doing, but you will be doing it with the people you love most.

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