16 Divorce Blog Sites


1.Divorce Diva: http://www.divorcediva.typepad.com. The Divorce Diva aims to make "divorce a manageable tragedy" for her readers by sharing news stories, book reviews, jokes and great tips for dealing with a divorce.

2.Women's Divorce Blog: http://www.womansdivorce.com/divorce-blog.html Learn about your legal options and get tips on managing your emotional state after a divorce on this blog.

3.What's Love Got to Do With It?: http://modobs.wordpress.com/ This blog explores "why modern women don't find their Mr. Right" and can serve as a thought-provoking, challenging guide during or after a divorce.


4.Successful Divorce Planning for Men: http://www.secretdivorce.com/successful-divorce-planning-for-men/ Scroll through the archives on this blog to learn about child custody laws and more.

5. Divorce and Evolution: http://divorceandevolution.blogspot.com/ Read the story of this man's divorce process from his wife of eight years.

6. Divorce-Dad-Daily: http://www.fathers-resources.com/Blog/tabid/581/BlogID/6/Default.aspx Find support and links to divorce and custody resources here.


7.The International Family Law Office: http://www.international-divorce.com/ Couples with international ties have an even more complicated struggle when trying to figure out a divorce. Turn to this blog for help.

8.Divorce Lawyers Blog: http://www.the-divorce-directory.com/blog.html Get tips on finding a lawyer and navigating the legal process of divorce here.


9.Darn Divorce: http://www.darndivorce.com Here you'll find "random thoughts and news on the dreaded D-word."

10.Children and Divorce: http://www.childrenanddivorce.com Learn about children's rights and how children deal with divorce here.


11.Thrive After Divorce: http://www.thriveafterdivorce.com/blog The blog for this ezine shares easy-to-remember mantras and gives tips to help divorced men and women move on.

12.Life After Divorce: New Horizons: http://lifeafterdivorce.wordpress.com Get tips on recovering from divorce, no matter how old you are.

13.Divorce Find: http://www.divorcefind.com This bare bones blog posts the 10 most recent articles on its site plus other divorce resources for finding lawyers.

14.Divorced at 50: This blogger got divorced after a 32-year relationship and now writes articles and posts information for those needing legal, emotional and financial advice.

15.Your Child – Your Divorce: http://yourchildyourdivorce.com/wordpress If you're going through a divorce and want advice on how to explain it to your children, turn here.

Reprinted from Erin's Worlpress Site

Erin Mills is a twenty-something serial dater who is still holding out for that special someone. Meanwhile, she is sharing her relationship hits and misses with others in the hopes that they have a fun and successful dating experience. While she's not busy dating and blogging, Erin enjoys shopping, playing tennis, and hanging out with her girlfriends.

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