Character, Credibility & Social Media

Whether or not you prevail on an issue at trial is in part dependent on your character and credibility to the Judge. You'll likely be dressed appropriately, I will advise you not to roll your eyes or heavy-sigh while listening to your exes' testimony. You will put on the best show you are capable of for the Court.

However, in this day and age, your credibility and character have already been documented—by you—long before trial.

Your emails, texts, tweets and facebook posts will likely be brought to Court for the Judge to see. Be careful what you type.

I think this Judge put it best:

"In recent years, the evidence in family trials typically includes reams of text messages between the parties, helpfully laying bare their true characters. Assessing credibility is not nearly as difficult as it was before the use of e-mails and text messages became prolific. Parties are not shy about splattering their spleens throughout cyberspace." -Ontario Superior Court Justice J.W. Quinn in a footnote to his decision in Bruni v. Bruni, 2010 ONSC 6568 (COURT FILE NO.: 384/07; November 29, 2010):

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