Bode Miller Granted Custody of Son for Olympics

Five-time Olympic medalist will be taking his infant son with him to the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The famous skier has been in a messy custody battle with his ex over their nine month son.

Miller and his ex Sara McKenna have been in a cross-county battle over their son, since McKenna relocated to New York from California to pursue her bachelor degree. The parties met in New York this week and with compromises on both sides were able to come to an agreement until their next scheduled hearing in March. One of those agreements was that Miller could take their son to the Olympics. Reportedly, Miller is overjoyed that he will be able to take his son with him to Sochi.

Miller and McKenna are a great example to parents that even the most heated custody battles can end in an agreement. Both parties report that their temporary agreement is in the best interest of their son, and that they're happy that they were able to come to an agreement.

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