What Does Your Gut Say?

The saying has been thrown around many times when faced with a tough decision, "trust your gut." This couldn't be more true when it comes to the BIG question, "should we get married?" It's interesting to note that a study was done on this so called "gut feeling." A researcher, James K. McNulty, a professor of psychology conducted a study with newlyweds and their feelings about their relationship. McNulty found that the subconscious gut feeling played a significant role in the overall happiness of the relationship. For instance, if someone was outwardly happy about their relationship they may have other thoughts subconsciously that may suggest otherwise.

It's a simple statement that is packed with a ton of meaning. Trusting your gut, in any situation, is something you should consider. Get advice from others if you need, but above all, trust yourself. Only you know what you want, what makes you happy, sad etc. So make sure you listen to your gut!

Original article here also included is a slideshow of "Secrets to a Happy Marriage".

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