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When Does Child Support End in Colorado?

Each state has enacted its own laws regarding child support – how much it is, how it ends, and when it can be modified. Generally, child support ends when a child reaches the age of 18, 19, or ...
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Cheating Spouses Leave Behind Digital Trails

Cheating spouses and criminals seem to have something in common...leaving behind evidence. “Students of human behavior have speculated that people take ridiculous chances or are extremely ...
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License Suspensions for Failure to Pay Child Support in CO

Do you hold a professional license? If you’re a real estate agent, an accountant, a doctor or nurse, a veterinarian, a teacher, a notary, or the possessor of another professional or license, you ...
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What You Must Know About Establishing Paternity in Colorado

To “ establish paternity ” means to determine who the legal father of a child is. When a child is born to married parents, the law automatically assumes that the mother’s husband is ...
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Domestic Violence Restraining Orders in Denver

Are you a victim of spousal abuse or is your husband or wife abusing your children? If your spouse is threatening imminent bodily harm upon you or your children, or if he or she has physically abused ...
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Rights of Stay-At-Home Parents in Divorce

In the face of divorce, stay-at-home moms and dads face unique challenges. Usually, they have been financially dependent on their breadwinner spouse and they may not have any income sources of their ...
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Can I Stop Paying Child Support if I Can't See My Kids?

Unfortunately, this happens more than child custody attorneys would like to admit: The mother and father aren’t getting along or the mother is bitter so she won’t let the father see his ...
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Avoiding Parental Alienation

Divorce is hard, but it’s much more challenging when the spouses are constantly at war before, during and after the divorce process. As a general rule, when we hear about children of divorce who ...
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Finding a Missing Parent for Child Support

Are you a parent whose former spouse has gone MIA and is not paying child support? Or, perhaps you were never married to your child’s other parent, but you have custody and he or she has not ...
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Can a Father Win Sole Custody in Colorado?

Thirty years ago, mothers almost always ended up with custody of the children in a divorce. This wasn’t just the case here in Colorado, that was the case nationwide. But fast-forward to today, ...
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When Does Alimony End in Colorado?

Colorado refers to alimony as “ spousal maintenance.” In a Colorado divorce case, a judge may order the higher-earning spouse to pay the lower-earning spouse maintenance while the case ...
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Best Parenting Advice for Divorcing Spouses

When parents decide to divorce, they know they’ll have to deal with child custody and support and have those matters worked out before the divorce can be finalized. While child support and child ...
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