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Unfit for Parenting?

This story comes out of New York, New York, and presents a very slippery slope situation. The backdrop to the story is an ongoing case for divorce between David Schorr and Barbi Schorr. The father ...
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Colorado Man Throws Away $500,000.00 in Marital Property

Colorado man throws away $500,000.00 in gold to prevent wife of 25 years from receiving the property in their divorce Earl Ray Jones, a fifty-two year old Teller County resident told his wife's ...
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Japan is Joining Child Custody Treaty

Japan is joining an international treaty to help resolve cross border child custody disputes. It could happen by the end of this year since it has already been approved by parliament. The 1980 Hague ...
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Judge Orders Homeless Dad To Pay

People have different opinions about the homeless. Some are concerned for their well-being. They implore others to help their fellow man – the less fortunate. This was not the case for James ...
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Colorado Legislature Currently Considering New Maintenance Guidelines for January 2014

Unlike child support, Colorado currently has no guidelines for maintenance where the annual gross combined income of the parties is over $75,000.00. This means if your family earns more than the ...
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Good News for the Psychological Parent

A recent decision by the Colorado Court of Appeals is good news for those seeking parental responsibilities. In re the Parental Responsibilities of M.W. the Court found that a psychological parent ...
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Senate Judiciary OKs Civil Unions Bill

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, after several hours of testimony, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved SB 11 and moved the bill to the Appropriations Committee for consideration of the fiscal implications ...
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