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Can a Father Win Sole Custody in Colorado?

Thirty years ago, mothers almost always ended up with custody of the children in a divorce. This wasn’t just the case here in Colorado, that was the case nationwide. But fast-forward to today, ...
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Father's Rights

Do the Courts Prefer Mothers over Fathers? Historically, with parenting time following divorce, many believed children should stay with only one parent rather than jump back and forth between both ...
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Some Father's Day Advice for Dads after Divorce

Father’s Day originally began as a way to honor a single parent named William Smart. His daughter, Sonora Dodd from Spokane, Washington, thought to create a day to celebrate fathers, thinking ...
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Deion Sanders Fights For Fulltime Fatherhood

Hall of Famer and NFL Analyst, Deion Sanders, has been in a battle far more intense than anything he ever experienced on the grid iron. Deion claims that disparaging remarks posted by estranged wife, ...
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Parental Rights Of The Father

Under the Colorado divorce laws, the courts cannot and do not automatically favor the mother when it comes to custody of the children. The courts take the welfare or best interests of the child into ...
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How to Enforce Your Court Ordered Parenting Time in Colorado

By: Hannah Jannicelli, Esq. Unfortunately many men walk into our office upset because their child’s Mother is refusing to let them exercise their Court ordered parenting time. Even more ...
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