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Parenting Time

Parenting time in Colorado is determined by stipulation of the parties or a court’s conclusion. While parents can agree through casual conversation or formal negotiation, any indecision or ...
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Unfit for Parenting?

This story comes out of New York, New York, and presents a very slippery slope situation. The backdrop to the story is an ongoing case for divorce between David Schorr and Barbi Schorr. The father ...
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Good News for the Psychological Parent

A recent decision by the Colorado Court of Appeals is good news for those seeking parental responsibilities. In re the Parental Responsibilities of M.W. the Court found that a psychological parent ...
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Tax Credits and Children

Parents need to be aware of the various child dependent exemptions and credits that are available to them on their tax returns and how they might be affected by a parenting plan or divorce ...
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Kids Grow Older, Schedules and Lives Evolve

After the court has made final orders as to parenting time, the facts and circumstances of the lives of the parties and children continue to change. Oftentimes parties outgrow a custody order because ...
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Parental Rights Of The Father

Under the Colorado divorce laws, the courts cannot and do not automatically favor the mother when it comes to custody of the children. The courts take the welfare or best interests of the child into ...
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Do You Need a Parenting Coordinator?

By Jenny McDonald, Jones Law Firm, P.C. WHAT IS A PARENTING COORDINATOR? A parenting coordinator provides intervention and assistance to parties in high-conflict divorce and parental responsibility ...
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