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A high-quality Denver divorce lawyer can be hard to find these days. Many lawyers take in such a heavy case load that each client becomes just another case number. Here at Jones Law Firm, PC, we focus on giving each case personal time and attention. We treat our clients as respected individuals and we are sensitive to their delicate family situations. Our firm focuses on customer satisfaction because we believe that you deserve nothing less than the best. If you are looking for top-notch, trustworthy legal counsel, look no further than Jones Law Firm, PC. Don't just take our word for it. Read through some of our client testimonials to see what previous clients had to say about us.

My experience with Jones law was wonderful. They helped me through every step of my case with the ultimate professionalism. If necessary I would use their services again and I would recommend them to anyone else in need. - Julian

April is awesome! She definitely knows what’s going on with everything in court. I couldn’t have gotten a better outcome. -Terri

I was referred to April Jones by a trusted source to handle a very difficult legal family matter. I was new to Denver and didn't know where to turn. After our initial consultation, I knew instantly she was the legal professional I wanted and needed to represent me.The case took close to 2 years to resolve (yes, the courts are that backed up). During our time together, she listened to me and advised me with the utmost of care. I was scared. I needed someone I trusted at a gut level and professional level. I needed an attorney who was wicked smart and honest. It's not fun to have a judge decide parenting time and financial matters. April didn't make empty, lofty promises that had no merit. We put together a plan and I followed every suggestion she made. I was never left wondering what was next. To this day, I have implemented that standard into my own business. I'll never forget the day the judge granted my wishes with April by my side. The attorney on the other side looked like a rookie in comparison. If you are in need of a family law attorney, I give my 5 star recommendation to April Jones. She helped me using her expert knowledge, compassion and class.
Just what I needed in a time when I couldn't have been more vulnerable. Sign me #Forevergrateful

I recently lost my relationship with my spouse, Ms April was completely honest, and sincere, a lawyer who is actually a real person, How refreshing. Even though at this point we have only consulted, I know when the time comes I want Ms April Jones on my side. - Nate

I have consulted and referred several potential clients to Jones Law Firm. April and her staff are very professional and knowledgeable . Everyone that I have referred to Jones Law Firm expressed how pleased they were with her professionalism, cost-consciousness, and her passion in representing them in their cases, all while being very respectful and listening to their needs . I will continue to refer clients to April and Jones Law Firm.‚Äč - K.E.

I cannot be more happy with the April Jones Law Firm! I hired her in 2012 for disputes over child support and other items, we had to go to court 3 times on separate matters and every time we were successful. April is very knowledgeable of the law and will not let you down. If I ever need a family law attorney I will call April Jones. - Alan

Jones Law Firm played a vital role in my divorce as well as to my custody agreement. April was able to lead me in the direction, asking many questions, and ultimately helped me see both sides and the effects of custody. Her experience allowed her to give me the good, bad and ugly and how to protect myself as well as my children. There are still times, when I can pick up the phone and ask her specific questions (as the kids are getting older) and how the law views specific issues. She is very knowledgeable, tenacious, hard working and really cares about all her clients, especially the kids. I couldn't have come this far without her. - Nancy

April settled my case literally out in the courthouse hallway.I had a landlord that failed to make promised repairs to my apartment. I was paying for a two bedroom,two bathroom place but only one bathroom worked. He said he would repair it when I moved in but 7 months went by and he was still making excuses. He lived in hawaii, the apartment was in california and he used that as his excuse. I decided to stop paying him until he fixed the bathroom I had BEEN paying for. After 3 months of that he arrived at my apartment and decided to take me to court rather than fix the bathroom and collect back rent which I had been holding onto. April negotiated a deal before we went into court for an immediate cash payment for 1 month and I could take a week to move out. My landlord accepted and a possible unlawful detainer ruling was avoided. I was able to use the 2 months rent I still had to find another apartment which would have been much harder to do with a unlawful detainer on my record. -Roswell

Jones Law Firm was very helpful through out my divorce process. All of the staff were very engaged with me during my divorce process. April was knowledgeable and able secure a great outcome in my case.- Avvo Review

Ms. Jones was my attorney in 2002. She is sharp, quick and strong and we won my case decisively. Ms. Jones represent me again on another issue in 2010-2011. Based on my observation, Ms. Jones is sharper and stronger and has attained greater knowledge and insight. I have noticed that Ms. Jones desires to win each case with integrity. She cares about her client's welfare at all times. Ms. Jones' best quality as an attorney is her ability to take charge; she is quick witted and responsive. I have recommended Ms. Jones to my friends and co-workers. – M.K.

I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me with my divorce case. Everything we discussed was resolved, and the process itself was stress free, professional, and extremely thorough. I appreciate the time you took to make sure all of my questions were answered, and make sure I was staying sane as well! I will definitely be retaining you and the April Jones Law Firm for all of my future needs! (Hopefully there won't be too much!) W.B.

Andrew is very intelligent and organized, and naturally these qualities helped my case to a large degree. Also, he's a good listener and a good talker. Too much of one or another isn't good, but Andrew is good at both. I'm happy I had him on my side. –M.H.

Please convey to Attorney Jones that I am extremely pleased with the aggressive posture she has maintained with opposing counsel.– L.B.

April Jones and Andrew Stein were my attorneys for my case and I was more than satisfied with the results. They are very personable people; they helped me understand what was going on at all times. They were very attentive as to what I needed as far as information or documentation to help move the case forward. Both of them were very professional with my case and provided exceptional customer services. I really want to thank the Jones Law Firm for their hard work and dedication. I highly recommend Jones Law Firm to anyone who needs any assistance with legal matters.-D.R.

We’d like to say thank you for everything you did. Forever grateful. With much love. -D.S.

I went to the Jones Law Firm, PC, needing help with my children’s custody case. April took my case, even though it was very short notice before the court date. Immediately April and all her staff members started gathering all the details and information from me to prepare for court. Daily April and/or her staff members were in contact with me for any updates on what was going on. I now have full custody of my two beautiful children. My family and I would like to say “Thank you so much” to everyone at the Jones Law Firm. We can now open up another chapter of our lives. -S.H.

Awesome, thank you! I feel this is money well spent and accounted for, thank you. -G.E.

April, Just wanted to say thank you for how everything was handled yesterday. I felt like everything went as well as it could have possibly gone, and I was really grateful for how you handled some difficult subjects that I thought would have been sticking points for opposing party. I was thinking when I drove home yesterday how glad and grateful I am that you ended up representing me. –B.M.

I would like to thank Ms. Jones, Ms. Jannicelli, Terri & Raeanne from my heart for representing my husband for all your excellent work and help with my husband's complex custody issues. Your team is exceptional, above and beyond our expectations. Thank you for handling all the issues with professionalism and delivering outstanding results. Ms. Jones you are an amazing individual and in my opinion the BEST in your profession. I could not be more pleased and happy with the results that your team delivered. Thank you!!! –A.A.

Thank you to the entire team at April Jones Law Firm! I decided to modify my parenting time with my daughter. I was only able to see my daughter about every six weeks for one weekend at a time. I am a war veteran and was diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago. Opposing counsel claimed I was unfit to care for my children. Over the course of 7 months, April, along with her team of Hannah, Terri, and Raeanne kept me constantly informed of the case. Not a day went by when I did not receive a document, a question, or an answer from them. I appreciated that very much. I have had two different attorneys in the past where I felt "out of the loop."

When it came time for the hearing for parenting time, Ms. Jones was well prepared and presented herself aggressively and professionally. All I know is I would not want to be on the opposing counsel of April Jones! She presented all of the facts relevant to my case. I most appreciate how Ms. Jones backed me up when it was my turn to take the stand. April did not hesitate to object if she felt I was being coerced, intimidated, or in other words, "bullied."

April and her team are extremely knowledgeable and ready to listen to any concerns you may have if you need more time with your child.

In the end, I was awarded more time. I was so excited when the Magistrate made her decision! All I have to say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you for your hard work and your dedication to my cause. I appreciate your compassion for the importance of family. I recommend your firm to anybody who needs an attorney that will listen with compassion and represent you with aggressiveness. –A.A.

I was starting the process of what I knew would be a very difficult divorce. I needed help/guidance with child custody most importantly, but also knew child support would be a struggle as well. After meeting with Hannah, I knew she was who I wanted to represent me. She was pensive, poised and knew the law. I felt like she would lead me through this experience with class and that's exactly what she did. Hannah represented me so well. She truly cared about my and my children's best interests. She was not shaken by the other parties' attorney who was rude, aggressive and distasteful. She won my case without us ever having to lower ourselves to the poor tactics of my ex-husband. She was quick to respond to my questions/concerns and made me feel like I was her only client. I would say if you want representation that is genuine, honest and caring and at the same time smart, firm and responsive you should go with Jones Law Firm…hands down! –K.U.

The situation we needed to solve was parenting time and disputes with my ex-wife. I selected the Jones Law Firm, PC as a recommendation from a counselor. April did a terrific job settling disputes with ex-wife she also handled my divorce offering excellent advice and attention throughout. Definitely use the Jones Law Firm, PC you will receive superior attention and advice throughout your entire process. –B.P.

Just wanted to say thank you, you were wonderful! I believe we got everything we wanted and some which I also believe was very fair! It was genius... –A.D.

Hannah I just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for all that you did to liberate me - body & soul - from a dark nightmare. You were there for me every step of the way with your reassurances & support - & I cherished your empathetic avocation at every turn. Thank you for your understanding, your professional prowess & your compassion. You reminded me what it is to feel validated & secure - & thereby, you returned to me my person-hood. –M.M.

April what you did for me was so much more than merely wonderful and there has been nothing simple about the profound significance you have made in my life. Thank you for your counsel and your strength, your encouragement and your friendship. Thank you for freeing my spirit. Because of you, I am coming to know once again the purity of unfettered hope and the thrill of unconditioned joy. You saved me. No love or thanks will ever be enough, but I send them both all the same. –M.M.

My children were in a situation where their safety had been compromised by their mother, resulting with the children being thrown out of the mother's boyfriend's house. The mother arbitrarily moved, violating parenting plan due to joint decision making for relocation. I needed assistance quickly because mother was trying to enroll the children in a new school.

I needed help quick, so I hired an attorney. We had a poor experience with the attorney who was not honest with us, refused to file motions and proposed that I agree to ex-wife terms. I knew the attorney was not out for the children's best interest, but to make a quick buck. Needless to say, the attorney no longer represents me.

I continued to seek outside assistance by consulting other law firms. I came across the Jones Law Firm, PC and had read their testimonials. I was impressed, especially by the attorney profiles. I had to call them. Public, let it be known that the first impression always counts and the Jones Law Firm, PC was all that and more. The receptionists were professional and polite. The location was great. And the firm had a warm feeling to it.

I met with an attorney named Hannah Jannicelli. Hannah was very professional, understanding, smart, and knew her stuff. After reviewing my case, Ms. Jannicelli told me exactly what she would do. I knew we had to retain Hannah and we did. It was the best decision we made.

Hannah immediately filed motion to preserve the children remain in their previous schools.

Hannah worked swiftly and most importantly worked with integrity. Hannah was on top of things, keeping me in the loop of what was happening with my case. As a result of her hard work, the Magistrate ruled to remain the "status quo" in our favor.

The children were so happy and glad that they were able to go back to their home schools. And for that, I cannot Thank You enough Hannah for all you did and continue to do. My family and I truly appreciate you!

For the people who are reading this testimonial, do not hesitate with selecting the Jones Law Firm, PC to represent you in your case. Hannah and the Jones Law Firm, PC truly looks out for their clients and children's' best interest. –R.T.

Hannah is smart, caring and puts her clients first. She helped me win my custody battle with class. Not having to resort to the poor tactics of my ex's attorney who clearly didn't care about my children or what was in their best interest. She knows the law and kept me very well informed all along the way. Highly recommended. –Avvo Review

After speaking with a few lawyers, I represented myself in a permanent protection order hearing before I retained Hannah as professional counsel. At the time, I knew I required a court order and I was fully committed to leaving my ex. My friends and family were supportive of my decision and I had what I thought were all the appropriate pieces to the puzzle. When I faced my ex in court a lot of emotion flooded my testimony. I expected a ruling based on the evidence of the cycle of abuse. At the hearing my ex appeared level headed and confident despite my account of the relationship. After a 2 hour hearing the magistrate dismissed the case and I was left devastated, confused and hurt.

After some months, my ex began to contact me again. He knew not to use threatening or demeaning language. I knew not to give him access to undocumented communication. When I told my friends and family he was contacting me, they said to "leave it alone". When I reported the unwanted communication to the police, they said "there is no credible threat in what he's saying now despite the history of emotional and physical abuse", but I knew it was just the sunny side of an abusive and toxic relationship.

Again, I thought to retain counsel. I met with multiple attorneys and received advice such as "you could always move" or "ignore the communication, eventually he'll revert to abusive language and you'll have a strong case against him". Then I met with Ms. Fling. She recommended I speak with Hannah due to her experience in family law and domestic violence.

To put it simply, when I met with Hannah she understood. Hannah agreed to represent me in the permanent protection order hearing and I gave her all of the documentation I collected from the relationship. Hannah gained a clear understanding of the dynamic and his methods of abuse and control. She really listened to me when my friends and family were exhausted of hearing about the details of a relationship I swore was really over this time. She trusted I was ready to move forward with my life.

When it came time for the hearing, Hannah was prompt, professional and comfortable in a setting that was completely foreign to me. Hannah made me feel more confident in myself and in my case. Opposing counsel often appeared dumbfounded at the presentation and questions Hannah asked during my testimony. She demonstrated everything I knew to be true, but couldn't find the words to articulate in a legal setting.

Hannah did an exemplary job redirecting questions and keeping my story at the forefront of the hearing. Hannah was also able to ask my ex questions that prompted my ex's true colors to peak out from behind his cool demeanor. The magistrate was able to grant the order without hesitation. I couldn't have achieved that outcome if I had attended law school myself due to the emotional strain of facing my abuser.

Weeks after the hearing and even as I write this testimonial, I am still safeguarding myself and recovering from a life of fear and emotional abuse. But I'm also regaining a sense of self confidence and independence and I am doing so from a safe and protected place free from negative influence and sabotage.

I can't thank Hannah, Raeanne, Terri, Stephanie, and April enough for working with me. The Jones Law Firm, PC helped me change my life and there are no words for how grateful I am for that change. Thank you all so much for your support, understanding and care. –B.F.

Combined Testimonial of daughter and Father:

I was referred to April by another lawyer, who said that she is the best one in Denver. I needed to file for a divorce and make sure that everything was done fairly and split equally. I received more support then I first thought possible, if not for April, I would have never been able to navigate my way through the court system. I really enjoyed working with April; she was very realistic and never made outlandish promises. I also liked how she encouraged me to settle as much as possible with my ex-husband in order to cut down on costs. She always offered me advice on any question and would make sure that I understood the consequences of different options available to me. –J.G.

When we came into your office to discuss my daughter's divorce I was in a world I have never been in, however you not only put up with my questions but answer them in a way I could understand. The second thing I picked up on in that meeting was several times you told her, "the more you and your husband can agree on, the less you will need my service and the less it will cost you", thus you were trying to solve her problem in the best and cheapest way and not see how much you could make. This (to me) told me you have high values and a strong character thus someone I could trust and work with, something important in my world.

Another thing was when her husband took this to court (a big mistake), you not only came in with all your ducks in a row but how you asked him questions. –J.B.

My dispute was/ is highly emotional for me. My children's well-being is my main focus and their well-being means obtaining child-support, visitation and amicable custody exchanges. A friend recommended I contact Jones Law Firm, PC based off of their case results and experience. After meeting April and later Hannah they were able to make me feel confident and at ease that my issue would be resolved quickly. I have had positive results. There were issues I hadn't thought to address that I am happy were attended to. It is always in you and your family's best interest to have an experienced professional assist in resolving emotional issues objectively. –A.N.E.

Once the process became too difficult for me to navigate through I decided to seek Family Law services.

The firm is professional, positive and grounded in their approach. Everyone in the office is always willing to help and is extremely flexible, which I can say is valued by a working professional. There has always been open and prompt communication. Hannah ultimately won our case, and she did so by having strong intellect, presentation skills, and a genuine interest in the well-being of both my daughter and I. I will continue to value the relationship and expertise long after the issues are resolved. –R.P.M

April, Thank you for all you did in representing me to obtain the PPO. Your firm is very professional and I will highly recommend you and your staff. Raeanne was a big help and easy to work with many times. Best wishes to you and your family and staff. – K.A.F.

At first I went before the judge on my own, heart pounding, sweaty palms, and event stuttering at times. At times, the judge was obviously irritated with my lack of understanding of family law and court procedures. By some miracle, he granted temporary custody to me while this case was sorted out and admonished me to seek legal counsel. After visiting a couple of lawyers, I wasn't too impressed. I thought I could do just as well as they could, on my own. Then I received a call from my mom who said she had heard about April Jones and how she's focused on father's rights. 'What could it hurt to see one more lawyer?' I thought.

April met with us and spent a considerable amount of time hearing out our case. She asked lots of great questions to really understand the situation. I felt April really connected with me and my situation. I felt confident April would be able to help me. Our battle was a long one. It took two years to come to a resolution in our case. Throughout that time there were instances of intimidation techniques but April was as reassuring as a solid rock in those interactions, which would've been difficult to do on my own. The times we went into court or mediation throughout this time, April was always on top of everything. I often wonder how she knew so much about my case considering how many other clients she must have had. But she would stand confidently before judges and mediators and knew exactly what she was doing each time.

I can't say the same of our opposing council, as they often fumbled and looked foolish at times in front of the judge. Not April though. She commanded the court room and there was a sense that she was an authority and well respected by the various professionals involved. That really helped to put me at ease during these turbulent times. I definitely recommend April to dads who want the best for their kids. And, your kid(s) deserve it too. After all, we're here to protect our children and provide for them -- that's what dads do. If you had a powerful tool to help you do that, why wouldn't you make use of it? – T.S.W.

April Jones, and everyone at Jones Law Firm, PC, has been VERY positive and professional when working with us. Before hiring April I was lost and confused, and very discouraged. Our case proceeded for a little over a year and all throughout, April and her law firm were there every step of the way to assure us that things would in fact, be ok. I cannot thank April and her law firm enough, for EVERYTHING they did and all the hard work, dedication and integrity that was demonstrated. April really worked diligently and all of her hard work paid off at trial. She was very well prepared and all of her support was very comforting and appreciated. We are TRULY grateful for having her as our lawyer, and will always recommend April Jones Law Firm, PC to friends/family and use her for any future legal proceedings. THANK YOU APRIL AND EVERYONE AT JONES LAW FIRM! Our family will be much happier now! – C.W.B.

We heard about April through a friend who was in a case where April was the attorney for the opposing side. When I heard that my friend actually lost her case to April, I asked my friend for April's name and she gave me her information. I'm so glad we came to see April today. She's given us peace of mind and we look forward to working with her. My friend didn't like April because she is tough and fights for her clients, but that is why I love April. I know she will be a tough advocate on my side. – C.

I wanted to say thank you again! You got put on the spot several times in court and you shone like the star that you are....GO APRIL!!!
Thank you! – J.M.

April and staff were wonderful. It made a difficult time of life softer while maintaining my dignity.
Thank you. – B.H.

The Jones Law Firm, PC was the beacon of light I needed during the storm. I had used their services 3 years prior and when there was a rumbling with my ex-wife over child custody, April was able to understand my situation in a caring way and represent me effectively. It takes a truly talented, no-nonsense law firm to represent a father and ensure that full custody of his daughter remains intact. I will always be a client and would recommend the Jones Law Firm, PC to anyone who is in need of a family law attorney. Thank you. – C.D.

Voice message to attorney April Jones from opposing counsel following a successful hearing: Boy I would have jumped over the net and shook your hand today, but there was no net! - T.S.

Ms. Jones was my attorney in 2002. She is sharp, quick and strong and we won my case decisively. I am currently having Ms. Jones represent me again on another issue in 2010-2011. Based on my observation, Ms. Jones is sharper and stronger and has attained greater knowledge and insight. I have noticed that Ms. Jones desires to win each case with integrity. She cares about her client's welfare at all times. Ms. Jones' best quality as an attorney is her ability to take charge. I have recommended Ms. Jones to my friends and co-workers. – M.K.

Before I met with April at the Jones Law Firm, PC, I was represented by two Denver lawyers who did not provide a fraction of the counsel or support April provided. During a confusing and difficult time in my life, April Jones was sincere and honest while she provided guidance and representation that eased the transition from marriage to divorce. Throughout the difficulties, April provided a confident, aggressive and straight-forward approach with dignity and integrity. On more than one occasion, she asked what I needed and wanted in the outcome; she remained steadfast on the goals and succeeded. When I became discouraged, she remained focused and determined. I was completely satisfied with the outcome of equal parenting time and equal decision-making, two things the opposing counsel sought to prevent and two things I believed I was to be denied. April and the entire unified team at Jones Law Firm, PC assisted me beyond my expectations. – M.H.

April radiated confidence and unwavering determination while she represented me against my ex-husband's treacherous lawyer. April advised me every step of the way as I encountered false allegations, requests for mental health evaluations and supervised parenting. April consistently challenged the opposing counsel and remained in close contact with all third parties involved. Her investment in and dedication to my case was remarkable. April's ability to interact with the opposing counsel with respect and sense of cooperativeness was admirable; after April defeated the lawyer in a challenging court hearing, April approached the opposing counsel and shook his hand. April's representation and professionalism is to be applauded. – M.H.

Voice message to attorney April Jones from opposing counsel in a custody trial with false child abuse allegations that we defended and won on behalf of our client: You did very well today. I am very impressed! Good job today in court! Nobody can come in and do what you did! – S.P.

From the very first moment I entered the office at Jones Law Firm, PC, I felt at ease. I knew that my legal issue wouldn't be an easy one to tackle but I found the staff to be very supportive and very in tune with my needs. Rachel was the first to greet me with a warm smile. Ms. Jones took the time to listen to my concerns and offered some helpful information. From a support standpoint, Joan was very instrumental in helping me file the necessary paperwork in my case and kept me abreast of filing deadlines. She even took the time to assist me in ensuring that the information I filed with the court was complete and accurate. I would highly recommend the Jones Law Firm! – D.L.

Having had the pleasure and experience of having Ms. April Jones of the Jones Law Firm, PC represent me in my recent divorce, I must say how truly BLESSED I was. Not only did she do a FANTASTIC professional job, she was caring, understanding and most concerned in a manner that left me knowing and feeling I was safe! In the aftermath (or dare I say 'afterglow'!) of such an emotional separation departure, I graciously and honestly can suggest and recommend the Jones Law Firm, PC! – S.C.

I really appreciated April's straightforward, no-nonsense approach to settling my divorce. It was very refreshing. April is well prepared and understands the law and court processes and procedures well beyond anything I have experienced, ensuring success. I will be a customer for life. – J.M.

April Jones has represented me very well in my family court case. April always valued how I felt and what I wanted the outcome to be for the case. She understood my concerns and made sure they were kept on the forefront. I feel my cases outcome was positive for me and my family because of that. Thank you. – M.C.

April, thanks for everything. You did a terrific job for me. Thank you hardly seems enough to say. You came highly recommended and now I would certainly recommend you to anyone. – D.C.

April Jones, the consideration you have shown my entire family has been greatly appreciated. You did everything possible to make a long and difficult case bearable for my son. You are an intelligent, well-versed and well-prepared attorney. I would whole-heartedly recommend you to represent anyone who desires an honest and winning attorney. – E.C.

The first time I heard of April Jones was when my sister-in-law was going through a divorce. What an incredible lawyer! Her persistence, drive, and skilled tactics were stunning to all who were involved with April. With her on your side you can put your mind at ease. I know this because I have experienced it two times now! Once my brother knew he needed a divorce lawyer and called to get my opinion on who he should use, there was no hesitation on my part on who his lawyer was going to be. Hiring April Jones for my brother was one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences I've had with any lawyer. She restored my brother's dignity and the results of his case were mind blowing. We were all satisfied and grateful with her representation! She is not only a great lawyer, she is also a great person to talk and work with. Thank you April, for all your great work! – P.C.