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Learn More About Jones Law Firm!
Learn More About Jones Law Firm!

Perhaps as a child you remember your parents going through a divorce , the tension was always strong in the house, especially when they couldn't come to an agreement. You remember how hard it was on you and your siblings, and how much you just wanted to be there for them and ...

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Blog Posts in 2012

  • Hiding Assets During A Divorce: Never The Right Strategy

    A survey conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education found that approximately one third of U.S. couples with combined assets were ...

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  • Divorced From Health Insurance

    The financial effects of divorce start to add up quickly. All of a sudden the one income has to cover the expenses that used to be split between two. ...

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  • Whose Babies Are They?

    The latest chapter in Cindy Close’s life read like a script from a made-for-TV movie. Cindy and Marvin McMurrey III met and became friends in 2005. ...

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  • Who Gets Custody Of Rover?

    People who have never had pets may not truly get how deeply pet lovers love their pets. These pets are members of the family. Their toys take over the ...

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  • What is Step Parent Adoption?

    When two people decide to get married, they make a commitment to love each other and begin a new life as a family. The same is true in a step parent ...

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  • Teenagers & Their Parents' Divorce

    The teenage years are awkward all by themselves. Dealing with physical changes and changes in friendships. First dates and first pimples. Peer ...

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  • How Not To Tell An Ex About Getting Remarried

    After a divorce, some couples choose to keep their distance as much as possible. Others, often for the sake of the kids, must remain in regular ...

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  • Disabled Parents Face Child Custody Challenges

    It is human nature to be biased against what is not comprehended. People have made some poor choices in life just because they knew little or nothing ...

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  • Facebook, Twitter, and Your Divorce

    As much as we all love our Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts, we sometimes forget that over-sharing on these public forums can have ...

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