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Powerball Winning Dad Pays Off Debt And Invites Kids To Stay
Powerball Winning Dad Pays Off Debt And Invites Kids To Stay

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you buy a mansion and a yacht? Would you start a business or vacation for life? Winning the lottery can be a dream come true for many people. It could also be the beginning of a disastrous course of pitfalls and poor choices. ...

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Blog posts in May, 2013

  • Colorado Legislature Currently Considering New Maintenance Guidelines for January 2014

    Unlike child support, Colorado currently has no guidelines for maintenance where the annual gross combined income of the parties is over $75,000.00. ...

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  • Is It Worth It To Find Fault In A Divorce?

    Where would the tabloids (and media in general) be without cheating spouses? Fans rally around the victim and hope that offender gets what's deserved ...

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  • Does It Matter Who Files For Divorce First?

    When speaking with new clients I am often asked: "Does it matter who files for divorce first?"- And my response is always: "absolutely not." This is ...

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  • Men Don't Always Leave After Their Wives' Affairs

    "If my wife ever cheated, I'd leave." If you were to ask the hypothetical question to men, this may very well be their response. But what if you asked ...

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  • Making New Friends After A Divorce

    When a marriage ends, there are often a lot of "I should have…" thoughts and conversations. "I should have seen it coming." "I should have been more ...

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  • Character, Credibility & Social Media

    Whether or not you prevail on an issue at trial is in part dependent on your character and credibility to the Judge. You'll likely be dressed ...

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  • What to Tell the Judge at my Permanent Protection Order Hearing

    Once you have a temporary protection order restrianing the defendant from you, the Court will set a date for you to come back and have a hearing on ...

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  • Kim Kardashian Finally Gets Her Divorce

    The lavish August 2011wedding and marriage of reality show star Kim Kardashian and NBA Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries is finally over. Kim ...

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  • Longer Waiting Period for Divorce in North Carolina

    Originally posted by John Clark/revised by Stephanie Fling Let's be clear…making divorce more difficult does not make marriages happier. I've never ...

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