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Can a Father Win Sole Custody in Colorado?
Can a Father Win Sole Custody in Colorado?

Thirty years ago, mothers almost always ended up with custody of the children in a divorce. This wasn’t just the case here in Colorado, that was the case nationwide. But fast-forward to today, and a lot has changed. Fathers are now getting equal consideration in child ...

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  • Can Taking Antidepressants Hurt My Child Custody Case?

    If you are in an unhappy marriage, perhaps aspects of the relationship have caused you to feel angry, hopeless, or even depressed. It is not uncommon ...

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  • Which Parent Claims the Dependency Exemption?

    With tax season quickly approaching, a lot of our clients, especially those with children, ask us about the dependency exemption. Which parent claims ...

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  • Colorado Child Custody FAQs

    If you are headed for divorce and you have children with your spouse, you will undoubtedly have questions about child custody. Will the children live ...

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  • Social Media & Divorce: The Rules

    These days, the vast majority of adults have at least one social media account. While you may not log on to Twitter or Instagram, the odds are you at ...

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  • Parenting Time

    Parenting time in Colorado is determined by stipulation of the parties or a court’s conclusion. While parents can agree through casual conversation or ...

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  • If it Ain't Broke, You Should Still Fix It: Why Custody Orders are Important

    There are many situations in which a parent may be reluctant to avail himself or herself of the civil court process for orders involving parenting ...

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  • Defining 'Parental Responsibilities' in Colorado

    In Colorado, the term “parental responsibilities” is used in place of child custody. Colorado’s parental responsibility law can be found under C.R.S. ...

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  • Will Moving Out Impact Child Custody?

    When a married couple decides to divorce , one of the first questions will be, “Should one of us move out of the family home?” If the marriage has ...

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  • Establishing Paternity in Colorado

    Sometimes parenthood is a planned event, and sometimes it’s not. Either way, once you become a parent, your life will never be the same. What if the ...

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