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Divorce: Should You Sell Your House?
Divorce: Should You Sell Your House?

Ask any realtor, and they will quickly tell you that a significant portion of their business comes from sellers who are in the middle of a divorce , and there is a very good reason for this. Often, it makes the most sense for the divorcing parties to sell the marital home ...

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  • Top 4 Reasons Spouses Cheat & What To Do About it

    Top 4 Reasons Spouses Cheat One person in the relationship has an unhealthy addiction to sex Some make bad choices while they are under the influence ...

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  • Is Lying to Your Spouse OK?

    Everyone knows that the basic foundation of every relationship is honesty and trust. Being truthful helps build trust which is something that is ...

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  • How to Have "The Talk" With Your Daughter: 5 Helpful Tips for Dads

    Are you a single parent? Do you have a daughter? If so you understand how difficult it can be to relate to your daughter during her adolescence. Some ...

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  • Divorce Anesthesia

    There are two sides to every coin, and I will bet that just about everyone has been on both sides of this situation. In an article from The Huffington ...

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  • Spoiled?

    More and more I see children of divorce being spoiled with lavish gifts and expensive outings or vacations from both parents. Perhaps the parents feel ...

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  • Brownie Points: An App for Your Relationship

    Ever heard of the term, "There's an app for that" ? Well it would seem there's an app for everything these days. The newest and somewhat wacky app is ...

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  • Denver Winter Activities for Couples

    Denver offers a wide variety of attractions and seasons to keep use satiated. A lot of the activities can be a great way to spend time with your ...

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  • Common Law Marriage in Denver

    Common Law Marriage A couple does not have to have lived together for at any length of time in order to be considered common law married. Contrary to ...

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  • How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love?

    How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love? A recent study using the measurement of our modern day i.e. (twitter, Facebook, texting etc) brought surprising ...

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