Schwarzenegger ‘Recalls’ His Affair As A Big Mistake

Mistakes happen. True, nobody is perfect. But some mistakes can have a lasting effect on a marriage. A momentary lapse in judgment could even lead to separation, which could in turn lead to divorce. This all-too common story was told once again as we learned of the affair between actor and former California “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger and their family’s housekeeper. And when she learned of the infidelity, wife Maria Shriver did indeed file for divorce.

In his new autobiography “TOTAL RECALL,” Schwarzenegger reflects on the unfaithfulness fifteen years prior. The unfaithfulness that produced a child within days of Maria giving birth herself. In hindsight, Schwarzenegger considers the indiscretion to be one of the worst things he’s ever done. His family was shook to the core as a result of his actions. His children were hurt and the woman he loves no longer wanted to be with him. He still has hopes for reconciliation with his wife and strives to repair the damaged relationships. But he knows it will take time.

And reconciliation is possible. Not all marriages that are distressed with infidelity end in divorce. Some couples are able to work through the pain and move on. For others, the cut is much too deep to get passed. If divorce feels like the only option, talk with a family law attorney. Those seeking divorce should take the time to understand their rights and options under the law. And a good attorney can help to handle the business matters (division of property, child custody, alimony, etc.) during this very emotional time.


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