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Have your rights as a father been compromised?

Being a father is an amazing, life-changing experience. But for fathers who are unmarried or who are getting a divorce, navigating the legal system can be complicated. While fathers are critically important in children’s lives, fathers don’t always know what their rights are or what they should do if they want to have custody of or visitation with their child. At the Jones Law Firm, PC, our fathers’ rights lawyers can help. Call us today to get started.

The Fathers’ Rights Movement is growing all across the country. Today, courts are focusing more on the wellbeing and best interests of the child and strive to arrange shared custody in a way that encourages both parents to maintain strong relationships with the child.

The family lawyers for fathers at Jones Law Firm, PC in Denver are committed to protecting your paternal rights. As a father, you should never have to feel like a visitor in your child’s life.

How have courts changed in determining child custody?

The Colorado state code § 14-10-124 speaks about how to determine child custody. These laws were put in place so that the courts would practice gender neutrality and realize that fathers, just as much as mothers, have an equal right to seek residential custody.

The courts will:Act in a way that they consider to be in the best interests of the children involvedExamine who previously was the primary caregiverExamine who is more emotionally and financially stable

Although the state of Colorado professes to be gender-blind in regard to parental rights, fathers still need to know the facts on fathers’ rights issues and have the support of a strategic and competent Denver family attorney. If you find yourself in the unfortunate and unpleasant situation of having to fight for your natural parental rights, we can help. Read some helpful tips for fathers in child custody disputes in this related article.

Over the years our firm has stood up for the rights of fathers’ time and time again. Check out our past cases!

How Can I Establish My Parental Rights as a Father in Colorado?

While mothers automatically are granted parental rights at the time of a child’s birth, the same is not true for fathers unless the father is married to the child’s mother. If the mother and father are married, then the father in question is presumed to be the child’s father, and parental rights are established as such.

For fathers who are unmarried, however, the process is not the same. In fact, even if you and the mother are in agreement that you are the child’s father, if you are not married at the time of your child’s birth, you will need to establish paternity; it will not be assumed. There are two ways to establish paternity in Colorado:

Sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity. Your first option–and the easiest option–for establishing paternity if you are unmarried at the time of your child’s birth is for both you and the child’s mother to sign a voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form. If both of you sign this form, as well as a witness, and file it with the Colorado Vital Records Department, paternity will be established. You can do this at the time of your child’s birth at no cost.

Get a court order. If there is any doubt on the part of either party about who the father of the child is, an Acknowledgement of Paternity form will not be signed. If a mother believes that a man is a father, or if a man believes that he is a child’s father and the child’s mother disputes it, either party can ask the court to order that the child and the father submit to DNA testing. If testing confirms that the man is indeed the child’s father, the court will issue an order of paternity.

Why Do You Need to Establish Paternity?

Establishing paternity is critical. Not only is paternity important for your child, as children may benefit psychologically by knowing who their fathers are, as well as be able to collect benefit from their fathers’ records, but it is also important if you plan to have anything to do with the child. If you have not established paternity, then you will not have the right to petition the court for custody of your child, for visitation rights with your child, for child support from the child’s mother if you are the primary caregiver, or for legal decision-making power in relation to your child.

Why Are Fathers Important?

Though courts used to favor mothers in custody hearings, that’s no longer the case. More and more often, courts are recognizing the important role a father plays in his child’s life. Children that grow up without having a relationship with their father are more likely to struggle with:

PovertyBehavioral issuesCriminal activityTeenage pregnancyDrug and alcohol abuse

If you want custody of your children, you’re within your rights. If it’s in their best interest to have a relationship with you, then you may have a case – which is why it’s so important for you to seek legal guidance.

Protecting Your Rights Now & For The future!

Parenting today is a team effort; it requires time, responsibility, and effort from both parents. It is no longer acceptable to just assume that the mother is the fit parent for the child based on her gender-specific role. While it has become more feasible for non-custodial fathers to get visitation, it can still be a difficult process. If you feel that your rights as a father have been violated or compromised in any way, contact our legal team for strategic and thoughtful representation you can count on.

Divorce is hard on the whole family, but cases are especially difficult and delicate when children are involved. As the father, gaining child custody or equal visitation rights may seem daunting. Jones Law Firm, PC is here to remind you not to lose hope! With an protective legal advocate on your side, your objectives can be turned into reality and you can protect your right to spend more time with your child. At Jones Law Firm, PC, we educate our clients on what to expect in this situation and develop a strategy that best meets the client’s goals.

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Fathers do have rights and a Denver fathers’ rights attorney at Jones Law Firm, PC may be able to level the playing field and help you get the results you deserve. A dedicated attorney with our firm can be trusted to keep your best interests at heart. We fight to get your rights as a father fully recognized. The father plays no minor role in the lives of his children, and we strongly believe in fathers’ rights. With our help, we will strive to give you the fighting chance you deserve.

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