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Sometimes, after a divorce settles, you may want to alter the legal agreement with your former partner. To change the agreement, you’ll need to go to court, and one of our divorce modification attorneys can advocate for you. Whether you want to change your alimony agreement, child support, or current parenting plan, our lawyers have the expertise to support you.

The experts at our law firm have an in-depth understanding of Colorado’s laws regarding marriage and divorce. When working with clients, we always take a hands-on approach because we understand that each case is different; the more details we know, the easier it is to create the ideal strategy to protect your rights. Hire a divorce modification attorney who puts you first.

What does it mean to modify a court order?

Searching for a lawyer for a court order modification in Denver? As events change in the lives of family members, it may be necessary to modify existing court orders to better accommodate the needs of divorced parents, children, and other family members.

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Common provisions in court orders that may be modified include:Child supportChild custodyParenting time and visitationAlimony
The court will consider modifying a divorce decree or a child custody order for a variety of circumstances such as the following:Job loss or change in incomeHealth issuesImpending child relocationFinancial changesDomestic violence or child abuseDecrease in value of property scheduled for sale as part of the division of marital assets

When both parents are on agreeable terms, it may be tempting to informally modify a court order in order to bypass any legal proceedings. You might think that it is easier to make a verbal agreement with your former spouse to change child support, for example. However, it is highly advised that all changes be made through a court-ordered modification process. If, for example, you and your former spouse informally agree to a monetary decrease in child support, whether temporary or long-term, the court may find this parent to be violating court orders regarding financial support.

Do you need Denver divorce modification attorneys?

There are other orders that can be modified after divorce, but due to their challenging nature, they can be properly addressed with the assistance of a family law attorney. A Denver divorce modification attorney at Jones Law Firm, PC can assist you with making an informed decision on properly modifying any aspect of a court order while ensuring that the wellbeing of you and your children are protected.

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