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Kimberly Amarosa


Hailing from Villanova, Pennsylvania, Kimberly Amarosa has woven together a life that harmonizes her Pennsylvania roots with the Colorado upbringing she provided for her children. Her love for the beach, roller coasters, and a perpetual book in hand mirrors her vibrant persona.  

While Kimberly commenced her professional journey in an Estate Planning firm, her heart’s compass always pointed to family law. Acknowledging the intricate sensitivities and complexities involved, she passionately navigates her clients toward resolutions with empathy and expertise.  

An academic standout, Kimberly graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and earned a paralegal certificate, complemented by her role as a Notary Public in Colorado.  

Colorado has been her cherished home for a decade now, but her fondest memories echo the summers spent along the Jersey Shore, etched deep in her heart. As her children embark on their college ventures, Kimberly eagerly anticipates this new chapter in her life.  

The legal profession’s emotional depth captivates Kimberly, propelling her to support clients through intricate and challenging processes. A career shift, driven by an enduring passion for the law, led her back to academia to carve her path as a paralegal.  

Kimberly’s dedication to her craft remains steadfast. Her academic laurels, including a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (summa cum laude) and a paralegal certificate, underscore her commitment to excellence.  

What you may not know: Beyond legal pursuits, Kimberly revels in her affection for the beach, ocean, travel adventures, and literary escapades.  


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