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At Jones Law Firm, PC in Denver, we know that our clients want the best for their children no matter the circumstances. Despite how unpleasant and emotionally taxing divorce proceedings may be, when it comes to the kids, our Denver child support attorneys have seen most parents agree on one thing—making the process as smooth as possible for the children, so their lives have minimal changes and interruptions.

Two prevalent areas of negotiation, however, revolve around child custody and child support issues. Both parents desire quality time with their children and hope to provide them with a good life and bright future. When you are legally separated or divorced, you do not have the same income as you did when you were married, and there needs to be some monetary adjustment to provide for your child adequately.

How is child support calculated in Colorado?

Child support calculations are based on several guidelines. Colorado Revised Statute §14-10-115 explains how child support is determined and the factors that the court system will review.

Primarily, some of the key elements that will be considered when calculating child support are:

  • The gross incomes of each parent (or potential income if voluntarily underemployed)
  • The number of children born of the relationship
  • Daycare/schooling expenses
  • Insurance expenses
  • The number of overnight stays the children have with each parent

Every case of child support is unique, which means that additional factors may impact how the monetary amount is calculated beyond the factors listed above.

Child support lawyers at Jones Law Firm, PC, review all applicable circumstances with our clients. We can calculate the approximate amount of child support in your case, taking into account all expenses and sources of income. We make sure you are well-informed and prepared, and we will keep you updated on all the developments in your case and how your objectives are being met.

Can parents agree to no child support in Colorado?

Colorado courts do not allow parents to waive child support obligations. Parents may reach an agreement on their own about their child support arrangements, but these arrangements must comply with requirements and the court must approve the plan. For an arranged child support agreement to be approved:

  • Both parents must be aware of their rights and understand them to the extent that neither party was coerced into agreeing to the terms.
  • The child support agreement must be in the best interests of the child, rather than the parents, and must sufficiently meet the child’s needs.
  • Neither parent can have applied for or be currently receiving public assistance. (You can receive child support while receiving assistance…. Check with attorney on this)

Thus, while it is possible to agree to alternative child support arrangements, the plan must be filed with the court for review and include several specific stipulations.

At what age does child support end in Colorado?

In Colorado, child support ends at age 19. This is the age that the state considers the child to be freely independent and legally no longer under the control of their parents or guardians. However, if a child is mentally or physically disabled or still enrolled in high school or an equivalent, child support may continue longer. If a child is emancipated through marriage, enlistment in the military, or other means, child support obligations end at the time of emancipation.

Child Support Enforcement in Colorado

If a parent fails to pay child support, the Colorado Child Support Enforcement has the authority to take money that is due and any past payments that were missed. There is a legal duty of support and obligation that parents must fulfill if mandated by the court.

Child support amounts are intended to be reasonable under the circumstances, so if circumstances change, then the courts should be informed. It may be possible to have the amount altered accordingly. Times are hard, and money can be tight. Ultimately, however, you want to ensure that your child is being provided for and their expenses are fully covered so they can maintain the right quality of life.

If you are struggling with child support enforcement issues, it can be helpful to work with an experienced child support attorney in Denver. At Jones Law Firm, PC, we keep the best interests of our clients in mind as we defend them and pursue their objectives. Whether working aggressively to establish a fair child support agreement or to modify an existing agreement, we strive to provide superior legal counsel tailored to your situation.

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