The Cost Of Being Right In A Divorce

In a divorce it is easy get so caught up that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Emotions are all over the place and you are determined to get everything you have coming to you (or keeping everything you deserve). But while your point may be valid, there is more at stake than just winning the war. You still have the rest of your life to consider. Now is the time to determine if the victory is worth the fight.

If you have children together, your spouse is going to be in your life forever. This is pretty much an inevitable. You don’t want your kids to feel like their parents are still enemies years after the papers have been signed. Besides the kids, you have your own sanity to think about. The longer you go back and forth, the longer you put off starting the rest of your life. This is, by no means, a suggestion to just roll over. You also have certain needs and you should not ignore them. If you do, it will only build resentment later. But there is a difference between want and need. Maybe there’s a little wiggle room in the “want” category? If you’re not careful, getting what you want may cost you more than letting it go. Talk to your divorce attorney. A good attorney will help you to fight the ones worth winning.


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