Judge Orders Homeless Dad To Pay

People have different opinions about the homeless. Some are concerned for their well-being. They implore others to help their fellow man – the less fortunate. This was not the case for James Francis Cassidy. James, a forty-two year old homeless man, stood before the Lenawee County Circuit Court and was ordered to get a job.

“The obvious question is,” stated Judge Margaret Noe, “who do you think is supporting your children?” Not only was James not taking care of himself, he also owed $63,600 in child support debt. He earned himself a felony conviction for failure to pay child support and failure to appear for sentencing in August of 2011. “Mr. Cassidy, you shouldn’t be homeless,” Noe continued. “You’re doing nothing, absolutely nothing.”

Judge Noe had little sympathy for Mr. Cassidy as she called forth his sentence. He was given five years of probation and released from jail. But it was for a reason. “You’re going to get a job and you’re going to put a roof over your head. Somewhere, somehow,” declared Noe. She also ordered that he begin paying at least $1,052 per month toward his child support debt. Furthermore, Cassidy is required to pay the $1,096 to extradite him back from Washington to Michigan and to pay $1,250 in court fees and $495 in attorney fees for each of the two cases.


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