Hidden Problems in a Relationship

Hidden Problems in a Relationship

Every relationship has there problems, or sometimes lack there of, which surprisingly is also a bad thing. An article from Yahoo! Shine pin points 9 problems that are hidden in a marriage. After reading through the list you can see why they are referred to as “hidden”. Some of these issues don’t seem apparent until you recognize them.

For instance, Digital Communication, this is a huge one today. Anything through a text, email, Facebook post etc. can be construed the wrong way. The problem is that you cannot tell tone over an electronic device without significant punctuation to emphasize the emotion you are trying to convey. But even sometimes the frilly punctuation will not help you.

A few other examples such as never arguing or having friends that are divorcing, can also cause problems. You might think that never arguing is acutely a good thing. But in retrospect, this could mean you are holding back emotions and things you would like to voice to your partner, which means you are holding onto unnecessary stress. This could lead to resentment or even a big blow out fight that didn’t need to happen. A similar situation comes when you have friends that are divorcing. You begin to over analyze your relationship with your spouse. If your friends’ husband cheated you may wonder if yours would do the same thing. Keep in mind that just because your friend experienced it, does not mean that you will as well.

All of the points made in the article are not to be taken negative. They simply point out a few issues relationships encounter, that might not be apparently obvious to the couple. If your relationship is having issues, take a step back and maybe see if any of these points apply to you. Then work on talking about it with your partner so you can both move forward.

You can read all of the 9 hidden problems here on the original article.


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