More and more I see children of divorce being spoiled with lavish gifts and expensive outings or vacations from both parents. Perhaps the parents feel guilty for putting their child through the divorce or are trying to make up for the time that they spend away from the child now that their time is split with the other parent.

My nieces, who I dearly love, are children of a divorce and in my opinion they are extremely spoiled by both parents. In the last five years they have been to Florida, Europe, California, and several tropical cruises (with another cruise coming up in the next month).

The girls get manicures, pedicures, highlights, UGG boots, Miss Me jeans and outrageously priced concert tickets on a regular basis. I am not saying that kids don’t deserve to have some nice things and enjoy different experiences. I do wonder if this lifestyle sets them up for failure or disappointment when they are older.

With Christmas coming up, the girls will most likely get well over $1,000.00 worth of gifts each. Do they really need all of that stuff to be happy?

As a working adult I know how hard it is to try and budget hair, nails, clothes and a few extra items here and there. My hope is that the girls are able to transition into budgeting when the time comes and that they can be happy and content without all of the bells and whistles if need be.

I advise co-parents to talk to each other before the holidays and birthdays to make sure their children do not become spoiled. For example parents could agree on spending limits, or agree to go on a ‘big gift’ together. That way their child gets the gift they deserve, but not spoiled rotten. I know that parents want to shower their children with gifts because they love them, and they can afford them, but in the long run is that in their best interest? What happens when they grow up, and get their first low-paying job? Who is going to buy their jeans then?


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