Are more divorces filed in the summer?

It seems that the summer of 2015 has been setting records for Hollywood A-listers who seem to be dropping like flies in recent months. First it was Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, then it was Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, and now Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani have announced their plans to split.

Why so many divorces this summer?

Some people agree that the warmth gets people out of the house and makes them feel liberated. Besides, they get more time to reflect on their lives while they’re on vacation or visiting family.

While breaks from making films and touring may have something to do with the uptick in celebrity divorces, many marriage counselors and relationship experts would agree that there are other factors that contribute to summertime splits.

As Denver divorce attorneys, we’ve noticed a trend among couples, especially those with children. Summertime splits tend to have more to do with school schedules, work projects, and vacations more than any other factors.

We’ve found that many couples decide that it’s better to stick things out during the school year so their children experience the least amount of disruption. Parents figure that splitting over the summer is easier on the kids, since it gives children the entire summer to spend quality time with each parent and adjust to the changes.

Ben and Jen have three young children, and so do Gwen and Gavin. It can be hard on school-aged children to be in school and feel as if they have to discuss their parents’ divorce with friends, teachers, and counselors. When children can settle into their new routines over the summer, they have more time, energy and space to adjust to their parents’ divorce.

For the Hollywood elite, sometimes they are in-between projects during the summer, which can be the ideal time to issue their statements and clear their schedules before the fall. Even when children are merely in daycare or preschool, parents still tend to think in those terms.

Many non-celebrities time their divorce for the summer; this way when the kids go back to school and they begin the busy season at work, they don’t have to be distracted by things such as moving, gathering financial statements, and hashing out child custody. Instead, they can tackle their personal and professional life with a fresh perspective, without fearing their divorce will hinder their job performance.

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