How To Choose the Right Divorce Attorney for Your Case

Filing for divorce can be challenging as you make distinct changes and begin a new chapter in life. Many legalities go into this process as you separate yourself and your property from your soon-to-be ex-partner’s. And if you have children, you will have to come to a custody agreement based on what’s best for them.

Working alone to collect all the essential documents can feel stressful, especially if it’s a contested divorce for the other party. However, hiring an attorney helps protect your rights and increases the chances of attaining your ideal outcome. Read on to learn more about how to choose the right divorce attorney for your case.

Find the Right Type of Lawyer

Every attorney specializes in a specific aspect of law, with family law pertaining to marriage, divorce, child custody, and other familial matters. During a divorce, a family law expert will help with mediation, visitation, and separating property, and they will advocate for your rights as an individual and parent. Essentially, a family law attorney deals with all cases related to the family unit.

Establish a Budget

Develop your budget for a lawyer based on the total amount you can afford to spend. Keep in mind that while some lawyers have low fees, that may also mean they don’t perform their duties as well as others. The level of client demand and fee prices often go hand-in-hand, as highly desired law firms usually charge higher fees. However, high prices don’t automatically mean superior quality either since each firm ultimately establishes its preferred rates.

Rather than use price to gauge who you should hire, take some time to evaluate the typical prices for family law lawyers in your state. Sticking to your specific state is vital, as marriage laws differ slightly across the country, and you need someone who knows the specifics in your place of residence. From there, you can use your established budget to begin browsing attorney options.

Pro Tip

As you look at law firm prices, also review how they charge their fees. Many attorneys charge hourly based on how much time they put into your case. This can help you better plan your budget.

Read Through Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed your list to a few attorneys that focus on divorce cases, read through their client reviews and testimonials. Pay extra attention to how past clients describe working with the lawyer and law firm. Did previous clients feel respected and heard? Did the attorney win their case? Peruse reviews on various websites to gain a better understanding of your options for representation.

While the first law firm you research may appear perfect, you should still review at least one more option—that first firm may look perfect online but seem entirely different once you meet in person. Giving yourself options from the beginning prevents you from having to start over if things fall through with your top pick.

Schedule an Appointment

The next tip for choosing the right divorce attorney for your case is to make appointments with family law attorneys who are within an appropriate price and have promising reviews. By scheduling these consultations, you can determine whether you’ve found the right law firm to work with. During each appointment, you should ask the lawyer about the following:

  • Their legal strategy
  • Their experience level
  • Their predictions for your case

By asking about these factors during your appointments, you’ll get the most accurate information since the answers will come straight from the sources.

Each lawyer employs a slightly different strategy as they work, and you need one who is best suited for your case. Going through the divorce process can feel quite stressful, so it’s best to have an attorney who’s levelheaded, highly communicative, and supportive. Their strategy will reflect these values when your lawyer prioritizes communication with you and the other party’s attorney. Moreover, the ideal lawyer should strive to wrap your case up efficiently to prevent higher client fees.

Jones Law Firm, PC

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Experience Level

Inquiring about the firm’s track record gives you a better idea of their experience in the courtroom. When discussing their approach, you should also ask the lawyer how many cases in total they’ve taken over their years in business, and how they help each client obtain their goals. This can help you determine who will best work with you to attain an ideal outcome.

Pro Tip

If you have children, you should also determine how often the lawyer has worked on cases involving custody disputes and evaluate how often they’ve reached the ideal outcomes for their clients. This is a sensitive topic for nearly all parents, particularly if both parties disagree on the ideal custody arrangement.

Predictions for Your Case

The attorney will ask you to describe your divorce case during your appointment. Be sure to include all critical details and what you hope for as an outcome. After explaining your case and talking with the lawyer, ask about their predictions for your case. They may recommend altering your expectations and will assist you accordingly to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Know What To Avoid

Avoid hiring a lawyer who makes any promises about potential results. For example, the attorney should not guarantee you will win your case or achieve exactly what you hope for post-divorce. In the legal world, there are no definitives until the case ends. That said, the lawyer can promise to advocate for you or do everything in their power to provide an ideal outcome—remember, an attorney’s job is to stand up for their client.

Choose Someone You’re Comfortable With

Above all else, you should hire the attorney you feel most comfortable working with and talking to throughout your divorce case. Individuals file for divorce for many reasons and the process can seem overwhelming, but you should never feel alone during this time.

A wonderful lawyer strives to help you regardless of the reason for your divorce. And while you may need to share sensitive information with your lawyer so they can help protect you and your rights, the best attorneys treat every client with compassion and respect.  

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How To Choose the Right Divorce Attorney for Your Case

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