Financial Infidelity in Marriage: Impacts on Divorce

Lying damages the trust between two people, especially if they keep secrets regarding topics such as money. When a partner commits financial infidelity, they lie about an area of finance. Some people may hide portions of their work money, while others may rack up gambling debts. If you come across a hidden bank or credit card statement, you may wonder why you don’t know about it. In this article, we’ll explain what financial infidelity in marriage is and its impacts on divorce. 

What Is Financial Infidelity

When we hear “infidelity,” many of us think about physical cheating; financial infidelity occurs when one spouse lies to the other about money. This often happens when someone opens a hidden credit card. A spouse may open a secret bank account to stash away cash they use for themselves or send to family.

Financial infidelity also occurs when one partner hides their debts or lies about the amount they owe; they may have credit or gambling debts as well as large loans. As a result of their debts, they may even have a separate bank account to try paying them off in secret. Someone may lie about their income or bonuses they receive to hide the money they’re funneling off from their partner.

Financial Infidelity’s Impact on Marriage

In a marriage, you’re a team, so you’ll likely feel confused and betrayed upon finding out about your partner’s financial infidelity. While you can talk to your partner and attend marriage counseling to try to work things out, financial infidelity often ends in divorce. The route you take depends on your circumstances and the reason for their infidelity.

Financial Infidelity’s Impact on Divorce

Now that we’ve explained financial infidelity in marriage, let’s discuss the impacts of divorce. Talking to your spouse before filing for divorce is vital because they need to disclose their financial information, including what’s in hidden accounts. As their spouse, you’re entitled to half of what they have minus anything specified in a prenup or postnup. It’s best to have a family law attorney assist in these cases, as they’ll work to ensure you get the money or assets you deserve.

Hire a Family Law Lawyer

As you search for an attorney, consider your budget and the law firm’s reputation. Often, the best lawyers charge higher prices because they’re more skilled and desirable than other attorneys. You should also evaluate the lawyer’s experience level in financial infidelity cases and how likely they are to achieve your goals as a client.

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