Exploring Mediation as an Alternative To Divorce

Divorce is never easy, and for some couples, it’s a last resort to end the relationship. Some couples turn to mediation before divorce to see if they can work on the relationship. By communicating, both parties can decide what would be best for them and the relationship. We created this guide to help you explore mediation as an alternative to divorce. 

What Is Mediation?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, coming to an understanding with another person isn’t possible. Unlike the typical contested and costly divorce hearing, when using a mediator, you and your soon-to-be ex work with a third party to work through the split. The mediator can help you two split your assets equitably and decide on child custody and alimony or child support payments.

Mediation allows you two to keep things out of court and come to an agreement. As a result, the decisions you two make are more voluntary than ordered by a judge. Mediation is also easier than you think, and most mediators conduct mediation virtually where you will not have to even be in the same room—virtual or otherwise—as your ex.

You both will explain your situation and goals surrounding the divorce when meeting with a mediator. Some divorce mediators are also attorneys with a thorough understanding of the law. Hiring an attorney as your mediator eases the process and protects your legal rights.

Benefits of Mediation

Understanding the benefits is also key as you explore mediation as an alternative to divorce. Mediation has become popular over the years because it makes your split more voluntary; you and the other party can compromise according to your terms. As a result, divorce tends to be less stressful than it may be if you go the typical route. Other top benefits of mediation include:

  • Keeping personal matters private
  • Reducing the costs of divorce
  • Lessening any conflict for children to witness

Having more control over the situation makes your split more amicable. This amicability is especially important if you have children together and will share custody; you’ll need to communicate post-divorce to care for your kids.

Hire the Best Attorney

Hiring an attorney for the job is best. You’ll need a reputable divorce attorney if you live in Denver. Jones Law Firm, PC, has over 20 years of experience with Colorado laws, and we can help guide you through your divorce. Schedule a free consultation with us today to begin the mediation process.


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