Child Custody Battle

Are you so busy parenting that your spouse is getting the “leftovers” in your relationship? Think about what you do with your time and where you put your emphasis most of the time. Work, Kids, Dinner, Homework, Activities… what do you and your spouse do for yourselves? You need to take the time to support the foundation of your family which, for your kids, is the relationship between you and your spouse. This means openly communicating with one another and setting aside time for date nights so that you can grow your bond. After all, if you want your son or daughter to have a great childhood, what they need and WANT more than model airplanes and tea party birthdays is to have parents who they know they can count on to stay together and stay sound. They want you to do everything you can to avoid a child custody battle in their future. Your marriage is the bedrock of their life as they know it and you are the most important folks in their lives. By putting in the effort to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner, you also set an example for your child regarding what marriage should look like. Maintaining your bond with your partner can be complicated as life gets busier, but trying your best makes a difference. Figure it out for your children’s sakes because they deserve the best you can give them, starting with your best marriage. Stop the child custody battle before it ever begins by caring for each other daily.

If, despite your best efforts, you and your partner decide to divorce, hire a family law attorney in your area. Jones Law Firm, PC. serves families in Denver, CO, and the surrounding area. You can schedule a consultation with our team by calling (720) 606-4818. We’ll walk you through how custody battles work and strive to lessen the impact on your family.


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