How Social Media Can Impact Divorce Proceedings

Social media helps connect us to friends and relatives we can’t talk to daily. Many of us create online posts for major life events, such as when we graduate from school, start a new job, or buy a home. While posting online has numerous benefits, there’s also a downside, especially during family law cases. In the information below, we’ll explain how social media can impact divorce proceedings. 

Social Media and Child Custody

Many factors go into the Court’s decision on child custody, and each element holds a different weight. What you post on social media could be held against you in a custody case, especially if the divorce isn’t amicable.

If you have any posts with offensive wording or inappropriate behavior, the other party can use them to back up their claims of your character. An example of this would be if a parent posted about leaving their child home alone while the parent went to a party.

As a rule of thumb, never post anything you wouldn’t say in a crowded room or a work setting, and never post anything you wouldn’t want shown to a judge. Keeping your social media accounts neutral or positive decreases the risk of your ex-partner using your online persona against you.

Social Media and Spousal Support

In some cases, posting online can also negatively impact what someone receives for spousal support and assets. Often, this occurs when one party claims they cannot pay a set amount for alimony or child support yet posts photos of extravagant purchases. These buying habits don’t align with the party’s claims about their finances, impacting what they’ll pay for spousal support.

Key Tip: Keep Things Private

Social media can impact divorce proceedings in many ways, especially if you tend to post a lot online. Avoid posting your thoughts or feelings regarding the split during the divorce proceedings. Some of us use social media to vent, but doing this during a legal case may not work in your favor. If you need to talk to someone, contact a close friend or relative to speak in person or on the phone. Divorce is difficult, and you should never feel alone.

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