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Protecting Your Family. Preserving Your Future.

Family law cases can be stressful, but don't lose hope! You are not alone: Our family law attorney team at Jones Law Firm, PC is here to offer compassionate and effective counsel. We have been serving families in Denver since 1991, and we provide advice you can trust.

Why Choose Jones Law Firm, PC?

  • Resolving divorce and family law cases in Denver since 1991
  • Offering only trusted, effective, and high-quality legal services
  • Boasting a track record of success (view recent cases)
  • Taking a personal interest in the success of every case
  • Highly recommended by colleagues, peers, and past clients

Are you're closing a chapter in your life? Let us help you write the next one. Email our office today for your free consultation!

Resolving Family Law Cases with Compassion

Jones Law Firm, PC is a distinguished family law firm in Denver that assists clients from all walks of life. Our lead divorce attorney and staff all have extensive knowledge and understanding of Colorado family law, and we stand ready to take on any type of divorce or family case. Our team is committed to helping you resolve your case.

While divorce is a key area of focus for our practice, our firm is also proud to assist clients in areas such as the following:

What Sets Us Apart?

As leaders in the field of divorce and family matters in Colorado, our team is confident that the insight and skills offered by Jones Law Firm, PC would be extremely beneficial to your case. We know what you are going through, and we are here to alleviate the pressure you are feeling by providing legal counsel that you can count on.

Our law firm proudly serves clients throughout Denver County, Arapahoe County, Douglas County, Jefferson County, and surrounding areas.

  • Free Consultations
  • 10.0 Rating on Avvo
  • 85 Years of Combined Experience
  • Track Record of Successful Results
  • Personally Invested in Every Case
  • Highly Recommended by Colleagues, Peers & Clients

Caring Family Law Counsel Since 1991

At Jones Law Firm, PC, we deliver first-rate counsel tailored to each client, because no two cases are identical. We listen to your needs and develop a personalized plan. Our intention is to advise you as to the best course of action for your case and then act aggressively to attain the best results.

Let us help you resolve your family dispute so that you can move forward with the next chapter of your life. We know divorce changes things, but we are here to help ease the transition and make the divorce process as painless as possible.

We have clients from all walks of life who are dealing with the various issues that must be addressed during divorce:

Compassionate & Effective Counsel
That Makes a Difference

  • We can now open up another chapter of our lives.

    “I went to the Jones Law Firm, PC, needing help with my children’s custody case. April took my case, even though it was very short notice before the court date. Immediately April and all her staff members started gathering all the details and information from me to prepare for court. Daily April and/or her staff members were in contact with me for any updates on what was going on. I now have full custody of my two beautiful children. My family and I would like to say “Thank you so much” to everyone at the Jones Law Firm. We can now open up another chapter of our lives.”


  • pril was as reassuring as a solid rock in those interactions, which would've been difficult to do on my own.

    “At first I went before the judge on my own, heart pounding, sweaty palms, and event stuttering at times. At times, the judge was obviously irritated with my lack of understanding of family law and court procedures. By some miracle, he granted temporary custody to me while this case was sorted out and admonished me to seek legal counsel. After visiting a couple of lawyers, I wasn't too impressed. I thought I could do just as well as they could, on my own. Then I received a call from my mom who said she had heard about April Jones and how she's focused on father's rights. 'What could it hurt to see one more lawyer?' I thought. April met with us and spent a considerable amount of time hearing out our case. She asked lots of great questions to really understand the situation. I felt April really connected with me and my situation. I felt confident April would be able to help me. Our battle was a long one. It took two years to come to a resolution in our case. Throughout that time there were instances of intimidation techniques but April was as reassuring as a solid rock in those interactions, which would've been difficult to do on my own. The times we went into court or mediation throughout this time, April was always on top of everything. I often wonder how she knew so much about my case considering how many other clients she must have had. But she would stand confidently before judges and mediators and knew exactly what she was doing each time. I can't say the same of our opposing council, as they often fumbled and looked foolish at times in front of the judge. Not April though. She commanded the court room and there was a sense that she was an authority and well respected by the various professionals involved. That really helped to put me at ease during these turbulent times. I definitely recommend April to dads who want the best for their kids. And, your kid(s) deserve it too. After all, we're here to protect our children and provide for them -- that's what dads do. If you had a powerful tool to help you do that, why wouldn't you make use of it?”


  • Definitely use the Jones Law Firm, PC you will receive superior attention and advice throughout your entire process.

    “The situation we needed to solve was parenting time and disputes with my ex-wife. I selected the Jones Law Firm, PC as a recommendation from a counselor. April did a terrific job settling disputes with ex-wife she also handled my divorce offering excellent advice and attention throughout. Definitely use the Jones Law Firm, PC you will receive superior attention and advice throughout your entire process.”


  • Everything we discussed was resolved, and the process itself was stress free, professional, and extremely thorough

    “I wanted to say thank you so much for helping me with my divorce case. Everything we discussed was resolved, and the process itself was stress free, professional, and extremely thorough. I appreciate the time you took to make sure all of my questions were answered, and make sure I was staying sane as well! I will definitely be retaining you and the April Jones Law Firm for all of my future needs! (Hopefully there won't be too much!)”


  • “April and her team made my divorce quick and smooth. I would recommend them to any one. Even after my case if I need to call in for anything the team there are always so nice and helpful. I would not be in the life I have now if it weren't for the help I got from this firm.”