Divorce Dos and Don’ts

Are you and your spouse considering filing for divorce? The divorce process can be chaotic and stressful at times, especially when you are unsure of what to do. If divorce is not handled properly, then it is not uncommon for people to act rash due to heightened emotions. In order to avoid and ugly and contentious divorce, it is important to be prepared and to know what the divorce dos and don’ts. It is also vital that you don’t act in the heat of the moment, but rather take time before you speak and act and think through the consequences of those words and actions. Saying or doing the wrong thing in court can reflect poorly on your character and may even hold negative consequences for your case. If you are looking to file for divorce or legal separation, it is vital that you follow certain guidelines in hopes to smooth out the process and reach a positive outcome. A family law attorney can guide you through the entire process and ensure that you follow the correct legal process. Speak with a Denver divorce and family lawyer from Jones Law Firm, PC today to learn about these divorce dos and don’ts. Below, we’ve listed various things that you should and should not do during a divorce proceeding.

Divorce Do’s

  • Do obtain an experienced divorce lawyer who has knowledge of Colorado family law
  • Do share every detail of your case with your attorney, the more they know the better they can help you
  • Do try to be flexible when reaching compromises, your case will go much quicker and smoother
  • Do document the happenings of your case including events & dates, keeping a journal is always helpful
  • Do weigh the pros and cons before you choose to hire an attorney to fight your case court
  • Do seek professional help if you need someone to talk to as you go through the divorce transition
  • Do try and help your children cope with the divorce and make them feel at home again
  • Do let your children continue with social activities like friends & sports so they feel as normal as possible
  • Do treat your former spouse with respect and speak of them respectfully in front of the children
  • Do remind your kids that they are not the reason for the divorce
  • Do spend quality time with your children
  • Do try to forgive your former spouse for any hurtful words or acts
  • Do try and focus on the positive and not on the negative

Divorce Don’ts

  • Don’t talk to your kids about the personal details of the divorce, that burden is not theirs to bear
  • Don’t try to represent yourself in a divorce case, allows have an attorney represent & protect you
  • Don’t be greedy because you are trying to get back at your spouse for hurting you
  • Don’t let your friends tell you how to feel or what to do, your attorney will give you trustworthy advice
  • Don’t be late on any child support or spousal support payments
  • Don’t spend absurd amounts of money to fight over every nickel and dime, it is just not worth it
  • Don’t ask your children about your ex-spouse and what they spend their time doing
  • Don’t say negative things about your ex-spouse in front of the children
  • Don’t rehash old events, let the past be the past and try to move forward because you can’t change it
  • Don’t put your children in the middle to relay messages to your former spouse
  • Don’t use your children as bargaining chips to get what you want out of the divorce
  • Don’t promise your children things that you cannot follow through with
  • Don’t isolate yourself from the outside world
  • Don’t play the blame game
  • Don’t start any bad drinking or drug habits as a result of the divorce
  • Don’t enter into a rebound relationship immediately following the divorce

This list is not fully comprehensive, but it can help you head in the right direction as you go through this transitional part of life. If you need a divorce lawyer in Denver, Colorado, then contact Jones Law Firm, PC today to schedule a consultation by calling (720) 606-4818! We’ll discuss the details of your case and go into more detail on the divorce dos and don’ts.


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