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Every Denver family attorney at Jones Law Firm, PC knows that our clients want the best for their children no matter the circumstances. Despite how unpleasant and emotionally taxing divorce proceedings may be, when it comes to the kids, both mother and father will at least agree that things should be as smooth as possible for the children so their lives have minimal changes and interruptions.

We have an experienced child support lawyer at our firm who is well-versed in all aspects of family law. Whether it is a legal separation, uncontested divorce or common law marriage case, a Denver child support attorney may be able to help you get the outcome you seek. We are also competent in the areas of fathers' rights and grandparents' rights which often come into play in some divorce cases involving children.

Two very common areas of negotiation however, revolve around child custody and child support issues. Both parents desire quality time with their child and hope to provide them with a good life and bright future. When you are legally separated or divorced, you do not have the same income as you did when you were married and there needs to be some monetary adjustments so you can properly provide for your child.

How to determine child support in Denver, CO?

There are several guidelines regarding calculating child support in Colorado. Colorado state statute § 14-10-115 goes into detail about child support guidelines, and the determining factors that the court system will look at. The amount to be paid depends on such circumstances such as:

  • The gross incomes of the mother and father
  • The number of children born before the children of the marriage
  • The number of children born of the marriage
  • Daycare/schooling
  • Insurance expenses
  • The number of overnight stays the children have with each parent

These are all circumstances a child support lawyer at our law firm goes over with our clients. Looking for an attorney for child support in Denver? Our firm has a way of calculating the approximate amount of child support you are eligible for, taking into account all expenses and the amount of income earned by you and your spouse. We make sure you are well-informed and prepared for your case and we will keep you updated on all the developments of your case and how your objectives are being met.

Are parents able to decide their own child support agreement?

Yes, but only under certain conditions. In order for parents to come to their own agreement regarding child support, the child support order must be filed with the court for review. In order for the court to approve the child support order, it must clearly state the following things:

  • Both parents are aware of their rights and understand them
  • Neither person was forced into making this agreement
  • The child support order is in the child's best interests
  • The child support order will sufficiently med the child's needs
  • Neither parent has applied for public assistance or is currently receiving public assistance

How long do child support orders last in California?

According to California law, parents have the legal duty to continuously pay child support until their child reaches the age of 18. However, in certain cases there are exceptions to this rule.

  • If the child becomes legally emancipated or enters active military duty the child support obligation is canceled
  • If the child is still in high school full time or they are incapacitated and cannot support themselves, child support payments could extend to age 19 or longer

Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Searching for an attorney for a child support case in Denver, CO? If you or your spouse has failed to pay child support, the Colorado Child Support Enforcement has the authority to take money that is due as well as any past payments which were missed. There is a legal duty of support and obligation that parents must fulfill if they are mandated by the court to pay. The amount is typically reasonable under current circumstances and if your circumstances change, then the courts should be informed and the amount can be altered accordingly. We understand that times are hard and money can be tight. Ultimately however, you want to ensure that your child is being provided for and their expenses are fully covered so they can have a high-quality of life.

If you are dealing with this issue or another child support difficulty, know that we are fully committed to the success of our clients and we take a personal interest in every case. We can truly say that we keep the best interests of our client in the forefront of our minds as we defend them and pursue their objectives. Whether it's working aggressively to get the client a fair child support agreement or child support modification of an existing agreement, we ensure competent legal counsel is provided . Our firm provides superior legal counsel in this area, unparalleled by any competitor.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Jones Law Firm, PC today for immediate assistance with child support issues!

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