Colorado Legislature Currently Considering New Maintenance Guidelines for January 2014

Unlike child support, Colorado currently has no guidelines for maintenance where the annual gross combined income of the parties is over $75,000.00. This means if your family earns more than the $75,000.00 cap, then it is left to the discretion of the Judge as to what the maintenance award will be. However, due HB-13-1058, this may not be the case for much longer. Instead of the award being up to the Judge, HB-13-1058 provides a …

Tax Credits and Children

Parents need to be aware of the various child dependent exemptions and credits that are available to them on their tax returns and how they might be affected by a parenting plan or divorce (separation) agreement. We all know the value of the child dependency exemption. Do not assume that the parent with the child the majority of the time gets the dependency exemption. That is not true in Colorado. Taxes are about money and …

Divorced From Health Insurance

The financial effects of divorce start to add up quickly. All of a sudden the one income has to cover the expenses that used to be split between two. This includes housing, utilities, food, and insurance. And for women that have always relied on their husbands health insurance plans, it can mean the end of health insurance altogether. The University of Michigan conducted a study of women from age 26 to 64 between 1996 and 2007. From …

Planning For Your Financial Future Long After The Divorce Is Final

With the current state of the economy, the old adage “It’s cheaper to keep’er” has never been more true. But sometimes a divorce is unavoidable. If this is the case, the couple must start considering their individual financial futures sooner rather than later. This can prove to be challenging on multiple levels. The first challenge is one that affects the nation as a whole – the housing market. For many couples, their real estate is their greatest asset. And …

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