Divorces Increase After Children Leave the Home

The Institute of Family Studies in Australia has discovered the risk of divorcing after the children leave the home has doubled in a generation. That’s usually after 20 years of marriage. The first 10 years of marriage continue to be the delicate period for most Australian couples, but the latest information points to the new “20-year itch.” The institute’s director Alan Hayes says couples are staying together until the kids leave home. The number of …

Marriage Diagnostic Check

A Marriage Diagnostic Check Just about everyone knows the statistics regarding divorce rates. Even still, you will be hard-pressed to find a couple that believes it will happen to them. So where’s the disconnection? Like everything from auto repair to healthcare, maintenance is key to proper performance. Here are some ways to troubleshoot. 1. Ignoring issues as a couple. Pretending there aren’t any issues in the relationship is not wise. Unexpressed feelings will start weighing on you. …

What’s Your Love Language?

The 5 Love Languages By Gary Chapman If you haven’t heard of this book by now, I’m pretty surprised. Comically I have had this book for almost a year now and finally picked it up and read it cover to cover in one night. It’s a short read, about 200 pages, but I read it in one sitting because it was so intriguing. If you know nothing about the book, in brief as the title …

Men Don’t Always Leave After Their Wives’ Affairs

“If my wife ever cheated, I’d leave.” If you were to ask the hypothetical question to men, this may very well be their response. But what if you asked guys that had actually been in that position? Would it surprise you to know that most men didn’t run to their nearest divorce attorney? Well they didn’t. In fact in a poll of 1,500 men who had been cheated on, more than 71 percent of them …

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage

16 Ways I Blew My Marriage Dan Pearce While perusing through Pinterest one evening I happened across this pin with a rather comical but sad picture. The caption being, “16 Ways I Blew My Marriage”, by Dan Pearce. In his article he lists things he had done wrong in his marriage that he wished he could “do-over”. The reason I want to share this article is because I think many people wish for “do-overs” too …

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