Consider Counseling When You Consider Divorce

Divorce never comes easy to both parties involved, not to mention that it often brings trauma to the children. Events which lead to the decision to separate cause enough emotional and psychological distress that only intensify with the pain of going through the whole divorce process. If you are contemplating or going through a divorce, you should consider counseling for yourself and your children to help you move through the process in the healthiest way possible.

Residency Requirement in Colorado Divorce

Different laws govern the divorce process and it varies in different states. Here in Colorado, there are several things you need to know. Under the Colorado Divorce Laws and its guidelines, divorce is better known as “dissolution of marriage.” Ending the legal bonds of marriage requires that at least one of the spouses has been a resident of Colorado for at least 90 days before the date of filing. Alongside this residency requirement, you may only file …

Document Requirements in Colorado Divorce

Requirements typically include about 10 to 20 documents during the entire filing process although this can vary widely. Begin by filing these court forms: Petition Form for dissolution of marriage and a Case Information Sheet and a Summons, unless you are filing jointly. In order to present your financial standing, you will be required to file a Sworn Financial Statement. For cases wherein spouses have stocks or investment, pension, or separate property, Supporting Schedules must …

Abuse In Marriage

Over half of all marriages in the United States today, end up in divorce court. Abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional. There are times when there is a combination of all three. A common reason for the abuse is that one partner is attempting to gain control of the other, by hitting or verbally abusing them. “You’re fat, you’re ugly, no one else would have you,” are examples of verbal and emotional abuse. The …

What to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

It is important to get a good lawyer for a divorce case since this is a legal battle that can hurt you and your children in many aspects. Choosing your divorce lawyer can make or break your case, so do it the smart way by evaluating your choices. Experienced lawyers are who you should seek as your counsel. Obviously, a good track record for winning previously handled divorce cases would be an indication of the lawyer’s skills and expertise. …

Are You Common Law Married?

By: Hannah Jannicelli, Jones Law Firm, P.C. Even if no one walked down the aisle, and no one said, “I do”, you still could be married in the state of Colorado. So, before you file a custody case against your former partner, read this article to make sure that you don’t need to file for a divorce. Historically, the practice of common law marriage was very popular in the western United States. This was because …

Do You Need a Parenting Coordinator?

By Jenny McDonald, Jones Law Firm, P.C. WHAT IS A PARENTING COORDINATOR? A parenting coordinator provides intervention and assistance to parties in high-conflict divorce and parental responsibility allocation issues. This person is a neutral third party who helps parents resolve conflicts and disputes that arise concerning parental responsibilities. The parenting coordinator has the ability to implement a court-ordered parenting plan. With a parenting coordinator, it is hoped that parties will work through disputes as they …

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