Making New Friends After A Divorce

When a marriage ends, there are often a lot of “I should have…” thoughts and conversations. “I should have seen it coming.” “I should have been more attentive.” And the list goes on. “Should” is a very dangerous word. You can’t separate it from its close cousin – the feeling of regret. “Regret” then brings its partners, “blame” and “fault”. These are friends you don’t need during a divorce. There’s enough regret, blame, and fault …

The Healthy Man’s Guide To Moving On After Divorce

Women are more well-known for talking about their feelings. But just because they may not say much (or anything) doesn’t mean that men are devoid of emotions. When a couple divorces, two people are splitting up. And the guy (being just as human as the woman) will have some emotional hills to climb. Sam J. Buser, PhD. Co-authored a book that deals with this very topic. In The Guys-Only Guide To Getting Over Divorce, are some …

Charting A New Direction After A Divorce Or Custody Battle

Maps are wonderful tools. No matter where you are, you can see which direction to take to get to where you want to be. Whether it is a specific destination or more of a region, your map will get you there. They say life is a journey. That must mean that everyone’s going somewhere. After a tumultuous ordeal, like a divorce or a custody battle, it’s very tempting to turn on the proverbial autopilot and just coast. …


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