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Our firm has a track record of success because we are not afraid to go the extra mile for our clients. We have the legal resources, the skills and the knowledge necessary to reach a favorable outcome in your case. We have taken on highly contentious family law cases regarding property division, high net worth divorce, past due child support and child custody battles. Attorney April Jones is committed to excellence and professionalism and she focuses on offering the highest level of quality legal counsel. She has been serving the Denver community for over two decades and has a long list of case victories to show for it. Read through some our past family law cases to see for yourself!

Winning Cases Since 1991

Jones Law Firm, PC represents clients in all counties in the Denver Metro Area including Adams, Arapahoe, Colorado Springs, Denver, Douglas, Elbert, and Jefferson Counties. The Judges' Corner section of our website provides detailed information on the Family Judges and Magistrates in the counties where we regularly practice. The trials listed below took place in Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties.

Mother Falsely Makes Child Sexual Abuse Claims Against Father to Gain Advantage in Custody Battle
In a case where Jones Law Firm, PC represented Father: Mother made false child sexual abuse allegations against father to gain an advantage in the custody action she subsequently filed. At trial, Father obtained primary custody with mother having parenting every other weekend during the school year.

Mother Who Leaves Child and Moves Out of Colorado Petitions for Child to Live Primarily with Her
In a case where Jones Law Firm, PC represented Father: Mother relocated outside the state of Colorado leaving her daughter with Father. Mother later filed a motion asking that her daughter be allowed to live with her during the school year with father having visitation when school was out. Father desired that the child be ordered to continue residing with father in Colorado with mother having visitation when school was out. After a lengthy trial, the court upheld the status quo and the child was ordered to remain with father during the school year.

Military Father Returns from Active Duty and Mother Denies Parenting Time
In a case where Jones Law Firm, PC represented Father: Father, a member of the military, returned from active duty and moved back to Colorado where his child lived with Mother. Mother refused to give Father regular parenting time except when it fit her and step father's schedule. At trial father was awarded 50/50 parenting time.

Father Involved in Criminal Activity Seeks Overnight Visitation
In a case where Jones Law Firm, PC represented Mother: Mother feared for the safety of her child because father was involved in criminal activities, father denied wrong doing and sought overnight parenting time. At trial Father was awarded supervised daytime visitation only.

Wife Seeks to Have Husband Pay all Marital Debt and her Separate Property Debt
In a case where Jones Law Firm, PC represented Husband: The parties had significant "financial" property in dispute. Wife desired to keep the increase in value of her separate property and desired to give husband all debt of the marriage as well as her separate property debt. The court distributed to husband an equitable share of the increase in the value of Wife's separate property money, determined that most debt was Wife's separate property debt and equitably divided the undisputed debt of the marriage.

Wife Refuses to Make Court Ordered Credit Card Payments
In a case where Jones Law Firm, PC represented Husband: Husband filed contempt charges against his ex-wife for refusal to pay a credit card debt that she was ordered to pay as part of their divorce, the court advised the parties that he would find that wife had the ability to pay and determined that she would be in contempt for not paying. The parties thereafter reached a settlement where wife paid the credit card debt.

Mother with Permission to Move Out of State Refuses to Give Father Parenting Time
In a case where Jones Law Firm, PC represented Father post decree: The parties had previously stipulated that mother could move out of state with the children. Mother refused to give Father parenting time that she did not control. She required his minimal visits to be per her approval and in the state she was moving to. At trial the court found mother to be engaged in alienating behavior and ordered that father exercise parenting time at his home in Colorado the vast majority of each summer plus shared holidays along with weekly virtual visitation.

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