Termination of Maintenance: Death or Remarriage

Unless otherwise agreed in writing or expressly provided in the divorce decree, the obligation to pay future maintenance is terminated upon the death of either party or the remarriage of the party receiving maintenance. Child support, on the other hand, may still be owed after the paying parent dies. Unless otherwise agreed in writing or expressly provided in the court orders, provisions for the support of a child are not terminated by the death of a parent obligated …

Are You Common Law Married?

By: Hannah Jannicelli, Jones Law Firm, P.C. Even if no one walked down the aisle, and no one said, “I do”, you still could be married in the state of Colorado. So, before you file a custody case against your former partner, read this article to make sure that you don’t need to file for a divorce. Historically, the practice of common law marriage was very popular in the western United States. This was because …

Do You Need a Parenting Coordinator?

By Jenny McDonald, Jones Law Firm, P.C. WHAT IS A PARENTING COORDINATOR? A parenting coordinator provides intervention and assistance to parties in high-conflict divorce and parental responsibility allocation issues. This person is a neutral third party who helps parents resolve conflicts and disputes that arise concerning parental responsibilities. The parenting coordinator has the ability to implement a court-ordered parenting plan. With a parenting coordinator, it is hoped that parties will work through disputes as they …

Welcome To Our Family Law Blog

Welcome to our new family law blog! Our team at Jones Law Firm, PC is proud to announce the launch of this new resource. Our goal at this firm has always been to help our clients receive answers to their questions about family law. We understand how complicated the laws involving custody, divorce, property division, paternity, and other family matters can be in the state of Colorado. Our attorneys hope that this blog is helpful …

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